5BARz International Inc. – Possible Momentum Play

UPDATE: We no longer cover BARZ and this update is to close out our coverage with a summary of results. We alerted our readers to BARZ on the morning of February 29, 2012 because an investor awareness promotion was underway. Readers could have purchased BARZ that morning in the low 30 cent range and sold that afternoon or the next morning in the high 40 cent range. Theoretically the maximum profit on this stock based on our alert was 80%, but in reality alert investors should have made profits in the 35% to 45% range within 24 hours.

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Our latest momentum play is 5BARz International Inc. (OTCQB:BARZ). 5BARz International Inc., originally incorporated in November 17, 2008, holds a 50% interest in certain intellectual property underlying the 5BARz products, a highly engineered microcell technology often referred to as “cellular network extenders.” In addition, the Company has entered into a global sales and distribution agreement which provides for the global sales and marketing of products produced under the 5BARz brand.

5BARz has reported no revenues, but losses of over $600,000, from inception through September 30, 2011 (latest reporting date). The only significant assets as of that date were capitalized patents and trademarks, and some related party items. But since then, they appear to have finally really gotten into business as their products are featured on on-line electronic store websites.

We bring this company to your attention because they have announced some good news and we believe things could get interesting today.

We are not alerting you to BARZ as a long term value investment, although it could turn out to be one. This alert is for risk seeking investors prepared to lose their entire investment in exchange for the chance to make a large, exciting profit within a short period of time.

BARZ had been trading erratically in the mid $0.10s until a few days ago when the price jumped into the $0.20s and as high as $0.35.

As we said, BARZ today is for someone looking for a highly speculative play. No one should bet their rent money or college tuition fund on this one.

Investors interested in BARZ should be prepared to get in quickly when they feel the time is right, watch the stock closely and take their profits (if any) at a level they choose. On the buy side, we recommend that investors limit their bid price so they get in at a reasonable price. If the stock turns out to have a dramatic price rise and they miss out because of a low bid, there’s always next time. In our opinion this is much better than getting stuck buying near the peak price.

Investors in BARZ should be prepared to lose their entire investment.

Always remember to do your own due diligence, checking up company filings and consulting with an investment professional. Additionally, remember our disclaimer.

NOTICE: This article was based on research of stock market information and other sources of information, found both online and in print media. Neither StockTips.com nor any of its owners, contributors, officers, directors, consultants, or employees take responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this article or the accuracy of the information on which this article was based. StockTips.com was not compensated by any of the companies mentioned in this article for the preparation of this material, nor were the materials approved by the companies which were mentioned.

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