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Weekly Stock Market

Weekly Stock Market News at Your Fingertips
This is the ultimate source for stock market news! Here, you will be provided with the hottest news dealing with the stock market and with the economy. Our Weekly Stock Market news are fresh, catchy and newsworthy. Updated regularly, you will always find a new read. Sit back and enjoy your dose of Weekly Stock Market news!

Stocktoberfest: The Market’s Bermuda triangle – October 2011

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Well, clearly September 2011 was a dog of a month for stocks. The jobless economy as well as the engulfing hurricane that is the Euro had all of us on the the edge of our seats and surrounded by bits and pieces of nail fibre. Simply put, it was the worst quarter since 2008. Now that we have moved into October, or as we have pithily named it, “Stockoberfest”, what does the first month in the financial year hold for us. Well, let’s start by...

Stock Traders Are Psychopaths but Penny Stocks Investors Are Just the Opposite

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The best, or perhaps rather the worst part about all good films is that their plots could happen in reality. And they do happen. Movies like American Psycho or Boiler Room may have been productions based on screenplays, but every now and then real psychopathic businessmen and dishonest stockbrokers dominate the headlines. Why? The researchers conducting a study at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland claim to have found the answer. In just recently published results they state that stock traders are more heedless...

September 2011, the month that was!

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This month, September, has been a veritable cascade of events! There was political intrigue and verbal fisticuffs, nations rolling in economic turmoil, once friendly allies bristling with claws and teeth, a despot dictator throwing caution to the wind as he spoke to an emptying hall, the memory of a tragedy and Mitt Romney’s death-ray eye-ball technique. J.J. Abrams is probably at home, recalling September and kicking himself that he didn’t think of it first. Come, run with me chronologically as we review the highlights of...

U.S. Consumer Sales Drop Amid High Unemployment Rates

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Consumers make spending choices, may lead nation to recession or ‘national crisis’ The U.S. is faced with high unemployment rates as the costs of living continue to rise, leading to a downfall in consumer sales. Ben S. Bernanke, economist and Federal Reserve Chairman stated, “This unemployment situation we have, the job situation, is really a national crisis”, referring to the jobless rate being at or above 9 percent since April 2009. Among the unemployed, 45 percent, or nearly 7 million people, have been without jobs...

Stocks, Price Elasticity and Buying Power

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We buy things, don’t we? Even living in the wild requires equipment which you don’t make by yourself (unless you go to extreme, which some like). You go and purchase or use services that others render, which has to be paid for. Buying pattern Depending on how you do this, it shapes your buying pattern, or, purchasing behaviour to put it scientifically. Other scientific terms that are worth mentioning here are ‘price sensitivity’ and ‘price elasticity of demand’. We talk about the latter when we...

Dealing With the Euro Crisis Globally

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European crisis expands; euro weakens as recovery plans emerge The Euro zone is faced with economic downfall as efforts to prevent the Greek debt crisis from spreading globally are made. The survival of the global economy is key before the Euro zone suffers from intense debt. This crisis is becoming the talk of the town beyond Europe in hopes of saving the global economy from crashing. Failure to overcome the Greek debt crisis has led President Barack Obama of the US to state that the...

Can a New CEO Turn Things Around At Hewlett Packard?

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Meg Whitman may be seen as a failed politician, but she is still considered a competent businesswoman. Yes, she lost nearly $150 million of her own money on the unsuccessful run for Governor of California, which last year she lost to Jerry Brown, but with her net worth of $1.3 billion in 2010 let us just say that she could afford a slip like that. She has already proven that she knows a thing or two about making things happen in the world of business....

Economic effects arising from the September 11 attacks

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The September 11 attacks caused serious economic effects. The first violent interaction created a global slide in stock markets, which would lead to the possible end of American global domination, and in fact resonate more in world history than the actual strikes themselves. Trading Ceased Trading on the United States stock market ceased. However, the Federal Reserve came to the rescue. To help avert a financial crisis, the Federal Reserve added $100 billion in liquidity per day during the three days following the attack, as...

Greek debt talks productive over Arab Spring … or Winter

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Debt talks productive At the offset of last week, there was a relief that European stocks climbed as Greece described its debt talks held last Friday in Poland with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund as “productive”. Investors have now been able to speculate that the Federal Reserve will provide more stimulus. Also, amid hopes that Greece may avoid default, U.S. futures rose. According to Before it’s News (People Powered News), Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy, which saw its credit rating downgraded...

Recession Rocks the US as Thursday’s Stock Plunge while still the Dollar Soars

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Fears about the recession and the Federal Reserve Bank statements must have been brewing Wednesday night as Thursday’s stocks was a nightmare. Investors went on a selling binge that rocked the US stock market world. At one point in the session, the Dow Jones Index was down by 528 points. Against the other world currencies such as the Pound, the Euro and others, the dollar took flight as investors decided that the US currency was a sure safe-haven for their money. So, what freaked out...

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